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0201 / 2200930
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0201 / 2200930

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Praxis für Akupunktur und TCM

X. Zheng-Mertes Dr.(China Med.)
Kastanienallee 90
45127 Essen

Kastanienallee 90
45127 Essen


"Ruhe bringt Gleichgewicht und Leichtigkeit, Gleichgewicht und Leichtigkeit bringt Frieden und Gelassenheit, Frieden und Gelassenheit bringt Yin-Yang-Gleichgewicht und Gesundheit."

X. Zheng-Mertes
Praxis für Akupunktur und TCM
Praxis für Akupunktur und TCM

Welcome to the medical practice of acupuncture and TCM, established 1999 in Essen Germany

Current phone: 0201 / 2200930

New: In Section FAQ frequently asked questions from patients to be answered.


Plus classic full-body acupuncture treatment, we also offer ear acupuncture, body massage, shoulder, neck massage and foot-reflexion massage.


Mission Statement:

As an owner-managed humanistic family doctor office with cost-covering working methods and fees (in contrast to the out-of-profit fund-oriented fund clinics or affiliated group hospitals), we have been focusing on people since 1999. We are characterized by the special closeness and family atmosphere.

Disturbing vibrations, acoustic noise and disturbance signals and informations are deliberately rejected and eliminated.


We have new opening times. On Wednesday Mrs. X. Zheng is morning in away in a psychological Day Clinic (tidal House) teaching and working, so the practice from 15:00 opens. Otherwise, it will stay as usual.

Our practice was founded in 1999 by Mrs X. Zheng. We are 19 year in Essen-City
At this point we would like to thank also our private patients very much for their many years of loyalty.



Acupuncture and TCM are our specialties. We work with effective therapies to reduce your discomfort or pain and eliminate. Even in the questions fertility and pregnancy, we can advise you.

Get to know us on the following pages and make yourself a picture of our practice and our healing methods.

To listen / Consultation

Our team takes the time to listen to you, to answer their questions and to take away your worries.
The time that we devote to our patients - that is what distinguishes us from other doctors.



We see no reason to exercise an acupuncture session in a cold, clinical atmosphere. The goal of our therapies is ultimately to promote deep relaxation and the release of energy to the body soul and mind in harmony.

We are a doctor´s office, which is very family.-, child-, LGBTQ-friendly. 
With us, the music, scents and amenities to a healing-promoting atmosphere contribute.

Come to us and breathe a deep breath. You will immediately feel what we mean.

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